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the ultimate duo of our era
best project award winner
Collaborated with a team to explore the relationship between Twitter and pop-culture, and the influences they have on one another.
By using Twitter's API key to access their data sets, and RStudio, we coded an interactive website that allows users to visualize how several different facets of pop-culture interact with the world of Twitter.
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In today's age, Twitter is one of the most widely used social platforms in the world. Much of the content on Twitter centers around different facets of pop-culture, either by everyday users talking about pop-culture, or media-influencers contributing to pop-culture themselves. With this in mind, we wanted to discover some of the things that perpetuate the constant conversation of pop-culture in our lives.
Rise of the 'twitter-verse'
Cultural activities are taking place in full view of others who may be unfamiliar with the topic they are observing. This inevitably leads to some level of exploration, and ever expands the network that feeds so much of today’s pop-culture.
twitter: b.y.o.c. (bring your own (pop)culture)
Due to the nature of Twitter’s open architecture, a great benefit of this platform is the ability to “bring-your-own” culture, which includes, bringing your favorite type of pop-culture to your feed. Each user’s Twitter context is self-developed; users curate their own community on the site. By following friends, strangers, celebrities, or hashtags, users are able to bring their (pop)culture to the table and develop their unique social graphs.
topics explored
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How are our screens fueled by public figures, and how are public figures fueled by our screens?


Which trending topics are able to transcend national borders, and which are defined by the country itself?


How and when does the influence of television bring rise to a community of twitter users?


How does the topic of sports go beyond the court, field, and arena, and into the world of twitter?

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